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Project Description Owner Last Change
dlqueue.git A yt-dlp web interface to... 6 weeks ago
+ erebus.git Erebus: modular IRC bot 42 hours ago
gitweb-patch.git A patch for GitWeb to make... 5 months ago
hugo-dimension.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 2 months ago
i.jfr.im-android.git Image uploader for Android... 14 months ago
+ irc.git IRC software archive No commits
irssi-scripts.git irssi scripts I use (or write) 4 months ago
munin-plugins.git Custom Munin plugins 4 months ago
my-dmcrypt.git Unnamed repository; edit this... 8 weeks ago
plex-to-listenbrainz.git Simple Plex webhook to submit... 9 days ago
rewrite-logs.git Rewrite irssi logs' timestamp... 3 months ago
snippets.git Old reusable code snippets... 6 years ago
solanum.git Fork of solanum ircd, history... 8 weeks ago
uguu.git Image host (fork of https... 11 months ago
vpn-prov.git OpenVPN auto-provisioning 8 months ago
yt-dlp.git fork of https://github.com... 2 weeks ago
+ z_archive.git Obsolete repositories No commits